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Day 10 : The Starting Off - Foundation

Heyllo my cute little bugs bunnies , how is your week going ? 

Hope fabulous just like you my darling.:D

The Starting Off - Foundation picture

Today I, yours truly is here with you to share my knowledge on the 'Foundation' for your lovely face, so with out me rambling on let hop right into this.

Let talk about the basic question first that may come in the mind when we hear the word 'foundation'.

What is foundation? What does it do?

Well as the word suggest foundation is the base- here we are talking about your lovely face ; 
to even out your skin tone, 
blur out any discoloration 
or issue to may have with you skin. 
Foundations provide you with a clean base so that you can apply other steps to emphasis your natural beauty. 

Many people think that foundation is to cover any blemish and imperfection on your face but really that is not what the foundation is for. It doesn't hide anything completely. 
That job is for the concealer to do ( don't know what concealer is? check my concealer post out I have everything covered for you.) 
Foundation is just to give you a clean base, but it is not for heavy duty work.

Kind of foundation/formulation are there? 

1- Powder/ Mineral Foundation 
these are for those lovelies that don't need much work are looking for light-medium coverage. These are not heavy at all and give you a nice finish, very natural looking. 

2- Liquid Foundation
these come in range from light to full coverage foundation. Can be build-able but can also look cakey if used too too much. It also depend on the foundation formulation and what the brand claim for the foundation to do .

3- Cream Foundation
these are just like liquid foundation but in cream form , can go from light to full coverage resulting  flawless finish.
These are amazing for the dry skin .

Let's talk some Foundation's  Yes & Nos  that should be in mind while using foundation for the very first time:

1) Don't apply  foundation all over you skin:
When I got my first ever liquid foundation I applied it all over my skin like a moisturizer , in a very generous amount. This was bad misconception that I had in my mind so I am letting you all know to avoid this.
You don't need foundation everywhere, yes it is a base  but it doesn't HAVE to cover you whole face, let you natural skin peek through if you have problem free area let that show don't hide your natural beauty when it doesn't need to . 
Your foundation should look natural- so pick an area that need work not the whole face.

2) Match it to your skin tone exactly: 
 If you are a porcelain doll  don't  go for a darker tone as it will make you look orange
if you are a Dark Choco Latte don't go lighter it will make you look ashy
. Embrace your skin tone, make it look healthy that all it matters :) 

3) Don't match it to your hand, match it to your jawline: 
Jawline is the closest thing to your face, hands not so much :D so get the closet shade swatch it on the side of your jawline and which ever match perfectly pick that one up :) 

4) Don't over do it :
The full flawless face....
yes it looks lovely but sometimes us girl can keep layering our foundation to get that look 
So....Please Stop and don't keep layering the product on to achieve that look, it WILL look cakey
Pick concealer if you have some stubborn acne mark as its job to cover those up not the foundation, remember it only give you an even base.  

5)Avoid The Mask Look(at all cost):
Blend it down to your jawline , don' stop right at the jaw but drag the foundation down blend it so it looks 'natural' not '"h hi, yes i am wearing foundation" 
 and as Wayne Goss say : "it should looks like your neck and face belong to the same person". 
Also blend it in to your hairline and on to your ear, specially if your hair are in a up do....

Now how I like my foundation to be like(for your reference): 

My foundation choice is to be light on the skin, natural looking, light to medium coverage, slightly dewy not matte but not highly moisturizing right in middle for the natural glow. 

Foundation that I have tried :

1) Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

This was my first foundation ever to try and to be honest it not my favorite . I had heard so many beauty gurus raved about this, that you couldn't feel this on your skin , it feels very natural and its matte and non-transferable.
 So I thought great its a drugstore foundation so I should start with this one. 

On my first trail I did the first mistake I mention above 'apply  foundation all over you skin' and it felt very noticeable to me and felt pretty thick.
Didn't feel comfortable with this at all. I felt very weird wearing this that maybe people might know that I was wearing foundation which who wants that.
.I don't.

Now I do use this foundation on occasional time but only place I need heavy coverage and I do like it but I don't love it.
It is a medium coverage foundation and is build-able, but can be transferable specially if you live in humid area. 

This I would recommend to people who need good coverage and are looking for a flawless finish and matte finishes , but I would not recommend this to the people who are just starting out with foundation as it can feel a bit heavy, in my personal experience .

2) Carlo di Roma : 

Carlo di Roma foundation

Carlo di Roma packaging

I have never heard about this foundation from any other blogger or vlogger but I do have to say it a nice foundation and one of my favorite specially in the summer time.
It seems super dark when applied to the skin but when rubbed in it matches perfectly and blend beautiful. It almost feels like a moisturizer and very lightweight. 
I can apply this all over my skin and not feel a thing, it has a slight dewy finish almost like a healthy glow and I love how it looks on the skin. 

The only draw back I have in this is that as it is a bit darker than my skin tone it something can look too dark, not orange just dark.
When applied a translucent powder this problem somehow disappear and I don't how that happens....but it does.

The brand claim this to be for mature skin but seriously it is one of my good foundation that I would recommend to anyone. :D 
Don't mind using mature skin ladies foundation till it looks gorgeous on.

Would reccomend to anyone who want a light to medium coverage, with slight dewy finish.  Also for those who are just starting out in the foundation category as you don't feel this on your skin so its easy so apply.

Smells like a bit granny product but I don't mind it :) 

Carlo di Roma swatch

Carlo di Roma blended

3) Mac Studio Fix powder foundation: 

Not impressed with Mac on this one....seriously this didn't do anything for my skin at all....actually I felt I needed to apply this more and more through out the day and it felt cakey and oily .
I was a student when I was using this so the day I applied this it was not a confident day for me. The beginning day was fine but as the day progress it felt very oily on my t-zone and I was just not a fan. 
I seriously would not recommend this to anyone :( . Sad I know. I wanted to like this so much. Maybe I would recommend this as a setting powder on top of your makeup. Maybe . But then there are so many other drugstore setting powder that are much better than this. So...in whole Not recommending this to anyone:) 

4)Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation packaging

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation packaging

I am so glad to find this foundation. Its my favorite of all......
It is light on the skin , give a very natural dewy finish.    
 I would recommend this to all the ladies to who are looking for a medium coverage.
The thing I love about this foundation is that  it is very versatile; you can sheer this out to your liking or build it up.

Smells very fruity and floral so keep that in mind that if you are sensitive to smells and perfume in your product that this does smell pretty potent. 

 :Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Before and After:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Before and After picture

And this complete our Start Off project Week 3 :)

Hope you found this post helpful and had fun reading my thoughts and opinion :)

Have any addition tips and tricks leave them all down below.

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Hope you all are having a lovely weekday :)

I'll see you tomorrow ...with a new post:)

have any request suggestion on what you want me to do next ? 
leave them and I'll see and try my best to do them 

Till then you know what to do...Take care of yourself


Previous Post by ASQgenerates: My 5 Pet Peeves 

Previous The Start Off Project Post : 

Day 9: My 5 Pet Peeves

My 5 Pet Peeves picture

Hi my beautiful Butterflies .
How are you today ? Hope very very well....sending you lots of well wishes....

Today I have a fun little post for you all that I love to watch and read & it is 
My 5 Pet Peeves
things that drive me almost cray cray .

 Now I am a kind of person that don't usually get annoyed or mad at anything I am very calm and chill , so these are my really thought about pet peeves. 

Let not wait any longer and get to it then hope you like this post , find it funny and maybe agree with me on some one these thing too....
I'll be including some of the 'real life' pet peeves meaning thing that happen around me that are not  pet peeves and then some social media pet peeve....

Let's Begin Then :

Pet Peeve Number 1:

When people meet you the first time or million of times and they stare you from head to toe.....
ugh this drives me crazy. 
It like you are talking to them looking face to face and they are just scanning the heck out of you. 
Why? Why?Just Why do people do that. 
It irks me and its not just a smiley stare but they just have no smile on their face, no expression except BLANK.
Don't like it, drive me nuts and can actually make me not like the person
  (well if I have just met them then- If I really closely know the person then I might just tell them to stop doing that)


Pet Peeve Number 2:

When people never compliment you but never forget to point out what is wrong with your outfit or your whole look or anything. 
They will never say "oh you look nice today" but never forget to tell you that your hair looks weird .
Forget about that red lipstick you are rocking but lets just make you uncomfortable about mentioning something that doesn't look right on you to them ...WHY again? 

Or when people never point out your good deed that you did but will never ever let go of something bad you did even if you did that million years ago......

there is a quote that always remind me of this :
 " Success always Hugs you in Private " BUT 
           "Failure always Slaps you in the public "   

 - this doesn't really go with this pet peeve of mine but its kind of goes along the line do you think so ?
 I think so...now I am awkward I hope some one is thinking like I am thinking :) right right now.....

Pet Peeve Number 3:

This is one is relating to the blogging/twitter world - And it kills me and I know it kills/annoy/hurt other bloggers too.....and that is :
When people follow you on twitter and /or on your blog and then if you follow back they will un-follow 
 if you don't follow back they will un-follow 
in anyway they will un-follow you 
......Ugh Ugh Ugh....

Please first look at my/our tweets, 
see my/our twitter bio 
check what I/we are all about if you like me ?
 Then follow me .
NOT because you just want me to follow you back - don't follow me then un-follow me like please decide first and then take action. 
Also don't un-follow me when I follow you ....it makes you look greedy for followers and don't think I don't  know who you are as I have http://unfollowers.me/ and http://www.justunfollow.com/ to let me know who you trolls are :) 
So please save yourself from the embarrassment and stop playing games. 

And same goes with my blog ...I have always said this many many time but " If you like my BLOG please follow i'll love you forever and you'll be always in my heart ' but don't follow me for the sake of thinking that I will follow you...so yes first check my blog , see if you like it and then follow for the Content & NOT for the \FOLLOW BACK/.

Rant over .

Pet Peeve Number 4:

People with stinky attitude .........woopsi doooo...
"I am so sorry my highness I don't stand on your level I am so sorry to disappoint you." 
People with 'oh i am so hip and hop and noone is equal than me' 
Please stop with your nonsense, be nice to people, be humble, down to earth and BE SWEET - you are not the queen of the world...get it together.
Thank You.

Pet Peeve Number 5 :

Last but not the least..... I don't know about that cause these Pet peeve took me lot of thinking.....see I am a positive person...:D so it takes me time into think what annoys me....

Anyway getting off track here....but my last pet peeve for this post will be 
Slow Internet and You-Tube,
I hate hate hate it when I am ready to watch a videos and my internet get slow and by slow I mean NOT PLAYING THE FREAKING VIDEO....ughh...how many times have I said 'ugh' in this post anyway 
Like I wait the whole day for night to relax and play my favourite video and when I play it , it won't work/start/download.

Slow internet drive me crazy....and I am even mention about my slow internet on my twitter too it happens so much.

Oh well.....

This completes my 5 Pet Peeve tag I know they were not small little things that annoy me but as I said before its pretty NOT SO EASY to annoy me as I am very laid back ...lols:) or I think that way....

Hope you enjoy this funny post from my side 
and hey! Share your pet peeves with me...maybe I'll get to know more thing that Totally annoy me and this will also make me know you better ...:)

As always you know I love it when you comment and let me know you feedback.

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and what else? ...
I think that is about it....

See you all tomorrow with a nice post beauty related.....
pss pss....its The Starting off Week 3 tomorrow I am soo excited .....:D 
This week we will be talking about our 'FOUNDATION'.
 I love it.

Missed my previous The Starting Off project post ??? You can check them right here: 

Enjoy :D

To da lo....

Love Amna 

Previously On  ASQgenerates: 10 Deadly Sin Tag

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 8 : Ten Deadly Sin Tag -Beauty Edition

Heyllo everyone, how are you all doing today ? 

Yes, today is a Confession Day-
Confession of my deadly beauty sin/Habit that are done by yours truly-thanks to my lazy/carefree or you may say careless attitude which kick in  quite often . 
So I thought to myself why not share it with you pretty butterflies and see if maybe you fall in these acts too or is it just me being totally lazy .

Let's start with this then:

1) Not cleansing my face at Nigh time.

Ekkkkk I know I know,  the worst thing I am doing to my skin right now and my skin is actually crying most of the times nowadays but seriously I get so caught up with the blogging thing and other thing in life that I just don't get the chance to pamper my skin like I use to .
 Also it may be the reason that I don't wear makeup at all these days so I just feel the need to wash my face anyway ....which I know is horrible because I am still surrounded with pollution- This sound even worse in writing form. :0.
Oh well hopefully when I get a new home the environment somehow help me get in my night-time routine .

2)Picking at my acne pimples

I don't think I need to elaborate on this but whenever I see the little bugger on my face I just can't help myself to get it off- resulting in acne scar :( 
How cruel CAN I be to my skin....so cruel so cruel.    

3)Not sleeping on time 

If you follow me on twitter, which you should cause I am really fun to talk to :)
 so- yes if you do follow me on there you know I am a night owl and I can be awake till the very morning....horrible!!! resulting dark eye circle :0 that I can even see them NOW more and if you want you can see them right in my Starting Off -Concealer post .
Yes thank god my concealer helps me hide them but why not sleep early Amna and not deal with having them covered up?!?

4) Not drinking enough water

Many month ago I started this small Goal Series that kind of went down the drain due to my laziness:(  but in that series I started a Water Goal Challenge yes you guessed it I didn't go through with it :( ,
I still struggle with drinking water in a nice quantity- which sound so simple right? not that simple to do! 

5) Rubbing my eyes.

Itchy eyes we all get them, 
but some of us are ready to poke our eye out and create major eye wrinkle I am One of those people it a major bad habit.

6)Touching my face.

This is so funny as I am doing this right now while writing this post - 
touch my face all the freaking time.I know its bad but I still touch my face out of habits  never ever knew it was bad to touch your face until these few years so its kind of tough to stop this one.

7)Not braiding my hair ...at night 

Hahhaah...you all must be thinking that I am the worst so called 'beauty ' blogger in the universe,I did a post few months back on How to : Take care of your hair this trick is one of them but again I have stop braiding my hair since 2 months now , just can't manage to find my hair ties and the new one are just so expensive, oh stop it AMNA.!!!
... So top knot  buns are my go to hair style at the moment not a good idea DON'T Do it . 

8) Not maintaining my eyebrow.

This is a routine for me ...I have to have gorilla eyebrows before I groom them.
Just have to, my mom hates hates me for this. 

9) Avoiding sunscreen

If you read my review on the Banana boat sunblock you might know why I avoid them but seriously that experience has just put a sour flavor in my mind -
so ....
if you have any suggestion for a good sun block please let me know .

10) Not keeping up with my skincare routine

I believe that if I keep up with my skin care routine in general like I use to before -
my skin would be so happy with me , but its just a on and off switch for me. 
Sometimes I will take care of my skin with all my time and others day I just won't care. Making me skin confused like 'what the freaking hell are you doing to me' .

And this complete my horrid 'Deadly Beauty Sin Tag,' 
I hope you learnt something from this post or it was entertaining for you to read through this .
 I seriously feel quite ashamed right now :( ...writing this down so maybe I will work on these bad habit and make them disappear and then do a Update on how I am combating my Bad Beauty Habit. 

Does that sound interesting to you ? 
Let me know in the comment down below......

Now as this is a TAG I am tagging :


Check these dolls out they are fabulous-buttering them so that they do this tag..Hopefully :D  nahh...just joking they are truly fabulous I love them all ....more buttering hehehe.

Hope you had fun spending time with me and hopefully you are liking my everyday posting that I am bombarding you with, I am seriously having so much fun.

Wish me luck to combat these habit.

Hope you had and are having a lovely SUNDAY.

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Till then I'll see you all Tomorrow. 

Bye now,

Love Amna 


Saturday, 7 September 2013

One Freaking Year. It started all on ♥ Sunday the 19. 2012 . August.♥ .what? how?

It's been 1 freaking year.

Thank you and I love you sign followers

Its amazing how fast the months pass by and turn in to years.

...yesterday while I was skimming through my blog (do you do that too? just to see how much your writing style has improved or yout picture quality ? or it is again Just me ? ) any way so while I was looking through my blog just see my progress through out these days, and then I saw since when I have been blogging -
and it hit me that it been 1 year and 18 day now since I started with my blog.

Crazy right? . 

Oh how Great-full I am of YOU all .

I am so glad that I start with my blogging dream. 

Before my blogging I was idle, I had to stop with my education and was wasting away my life by sitting idle
:( I think it's pretty safe to say that I was in a Rut...
Not that I am out of it but I am in a better place in my heart now and I hope to prosper further on.

 BLOGGING was a way for me to get busy & get out in the world while sitting in my bedroom . 
My very early follower I hope you remember what my blog title was before 'ASQgenerates'- 
'Being Productive' yes clearly my motto was in my title. 

Today, after hitting 1 year span I realized that I have started to being productive.

Everyday there is the 'WHAT NEXT' question in my mind.
 What should my next post be about ?,
 what will you guys enjoy?

 ...I put each and every thought my brain cell produce and think all day about my blog. 
:D I love it 

I am meeting new amazing inspiring people everyday and Oh...learning so much what I didn't know about blogging and about this lovely blogging community . 

It all because of YOU...

Your are the reason that I am still here , and still blogging and growing strong ,strong in my heart just because of you all.

The support you give me is immense and I just cant thank you enough for being there in this journey with me .
I love you all and I mean it. 

Leave me a comment down below, you know I love hearing from you guys

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Love Amna 


Previously on ASQgenerates: : Review-MAC Rubenesque Paint pot. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 6: Review -MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot

Rubenesque Paint-Pot in creative cover

Its review TIME 
and this is a review that I was literally waiting to do for so so long, but just couldn't get myself to sit down and write it but today as I am on a blogging block RIGHT NOW reason:(sick sick sick ):I thought why not just push my self to write a review on
 MAC Rubenesque Paint-Pot. 

While I was writing this before I still had  my picture to be edited  but first I want to jot my thoughts down then we can edited this prettiness.:) and get it up:)

Let's just hop right in to this shall we!?! 

When I saw MAC, Rubenesque Paint-Pot in AllthatGlitter21 YouTube beauty guru video-
 I was awe by this product prettiness ahhh soo beautiful seriously.
* I seriously think I was looking like a zombie when I saw this hehe.....*
and this was then included to my must have product list. 

So yes I did get it and today I will be adding another review to this product name :D

Let just first look at the packaging glory this product provide then we will continue with the chatter :D

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot Packaging photo

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot label

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot product picture

Now -What are paint pots, you ask me ? 

I have heard that Paint pots are suppose to be used as a cream eye shadow base that pop your
 eye shadow and  reduce eye shadow from creasing . 

MAC Rubenesque Paint-Pot is this pretty gold pink tone color with tinsy winsey glimmer like sheen , 
 when I look at it to me its purely a rose gold color - ROSEGOLD! 
who doesn't love rose gold I surely do  .:) 

MAC Cosmetics, Rubenesque Paint-Pot swatches pictures

So while looking at Rubenesque I thought to myself in the head 'wow I would love this color to be my eye shadow base'- I love spark just in case you didn't know
Rubenesque seemed so pretty to be worn on it own, so why not get this multi-purpose product which:

1)Pop your eye shadow color
2) Prevent eye shadow from creasing
3) can be worn on it own 
4) Is so so so prettyyyyy-so prettyyy

MUST HAVE FOR ME full stop THE END ....

no not to my review but for me to stop asking myself if I need this and get it right away.

Like any MAC product it took me over 4/5 year to get this product I know MAC is expensive for me :( but anyho...the time and my pateince really shows how much I wanted this product that I remembered it for 4 + years .that say something.

My experience with  MAC, Rubenesque Paint-Pot;
Application,Staying Power, Overview on product  

Rubenesque Paint-Pot is absolutely gorgeous color and looks beautiful applied in anyway,
on it own paired or with any other color.
It does enhance the eye-shadow that is applied over it and provide a pretty sheen and shine to your look. 
Brighten up the eye and give you that awake look.
Beautiful for the whole year around.

The application for this is a bit troublesome for me at least I know so many people say that you can just throw this on to your eye and not to worry about it ,but for me this looks patchy, if not applied and  blended out correctly :( .
Whenever I apply this in a quick hurry it always comes out looking a bit splotchy ,patchy uneven :(.
 So I wouldn't suggest that if you are running out of time you can just throw this on your lids,
tried it once for myself and it wasn't looking effortless :( 

Best way to apply this with you pretty little finger this way you very little product goes a long way.

Staying and creasing power; I have pretty oily eyelids and I live in a pretty hot climate :( so this does crease on me, so if you have similary oily lids like mine and are looking for this to be applied as a eye shadow base like a eye shadow primer to prevent creasing this might not do the trick and I have read other oily chickas saying that this *so its not just me on this point that find this creasing .*

But if you are combo to dry skin ladies give this a try it would most probably work as when I apply 
Rubenesque to my hand to test out and swatch this doesn't move at all and also even tho I have oily lids this does last me for minimum 3 to 4 hours so it should last you all with non super oily lids.

My Final Verdict :

I like -MAC  Rubenesque Paint-Pot, I love the color (as you can see that through this post ),
 I like the glimmer it provide my eye with and love the finish look I achieve with this product.
It makes everything very glam looking :)

The part I regret about this product is that it doesn't work as a eye shadow primer for me :( -
 doesn't stop my eye shadow creasing through out the night.

Also I am not a big application fan ,maybe as time goes by I will get use to and understand a better way of applying this but for now, I don't use this for my effortless hurry up getting late look. :D

Now would I recommend this product ? 

Yes, I would recommend this and you know why :).
I would love to try out other color from the Paint pot selection but on the neutral earth tones and see they crease or not.

On a whole I am happy to add this to my collection and if you are also wondering if you should have this in your collection then I say go for it,
 it a beautiful color and as I said before glam up any ordinary look.

And this sums up Day 6 blog post for the Blog your socks off September .
Tell me am I doing good?

I hope you are enjoying me writing everyday....what a change for my blog right....

Hoping to go strong everyday and hoping that you are enjoying these as much as I am having fun writing these.

Please don't forget to leave me a comment I love hearing from you guys make me smile all the freaking tine &
- if you have some recommendation what my next post should be on please let me know I'll be happy to get them done for you :) 

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Love you all


Day 5: Review-Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipstick In Raisin rage

 'Blog your Socks off September' going strong:)  wohoo :D

Today I have a Review for all you lipstick junkies out there.
Looking for a fall/winter must have color ? then keep on reading cause I got you covered.

We are talking about the  Revlon-Super-Lustrous-Lipstick in the color 'Raisin rage'. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review in Raisin Rage photo for cover

This post is inspired by the lovely weather that is racing towards us yep , Autumn and winter :) 

Revlon lipstick 'raising rage' is a deep maroon, burgundy, red tone shade that is built for all the
 daring, bold, adventures ladies.

Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipstick Review -Raisin rage color packaging picture

Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipstick Review In Raisin rage backside label

Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipstick Raisin rage color swatch on hand

The Revlon  lipstick 'Raisin rage' comes in the classic Revlon lipstick packaging.
 The thing I love about this lipstick is that it is very very very and I mean very opaque -
what you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. 
The formula is super creamy and moisturizing.

Revlon Super-Lustrous Lipstick Raisin rage color on the lips

The staying power of this lipstick is not that much as it is a creamy lipstick (but then I have to add in that no lipstick has ever stayed on my freaking lips they somehow one way or another always rub off whether they be long wearing, or proven that they would not budge or the innocent creamy ones they all betray me:( :D) but this one leave a very pretty stain to my lips which I am a fan of.

 I must applaud Revlon for coming up with the name of this lipstick 'Raisin rage' how fitting and indeed very clever :)

Keep in mind as it is a super dark daring color you need to be very careful when you apply this- as I said before it stains like crazy not easy to be remove.So be very careful to stay with your lines:) 

Also another thing I have to mention is

that as it is a very creamy lipstick be sure to exfoliate your lips before applying this as it does tend to get stuck on your chapped lips
 then as we all know it chapped lips don't look pretty to look at any cost with any lipstick :)

My final verdict: 

I love this lipstick. 

The price is great- it is a budget buy ,
the packaging is classic Revlon tube,
formulation is creamy ,
 and looks absolutely fabulous on :D

Would totally recommend to all the ladies who want a bold, daring , unique color for  to rock during the lovely weather of  Autumn and Winter.

That is all for today post you all hope you found this helpful  and informative .

Till then I will see you all tomorrow with a new post for Day 6 :)  

Please don't forget to leave me a comment- if you have some recommendation what my next post should be on please let me know I'll be happy to get them done for you :)

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Love you all


Previously On ASQgenerates: Day 4 : The Skin Care Tag 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Day 4: The Skin Care Tag

The Skin care Tag logo

My dear dear friend Daphne Tag me in this Skin care Tag and as always I was ecstatic to get on with the tag and the following question.
By no mean I think my skin is the perfect but I do know it that as I am taking care of it is getting better -slowly :)
And without further ado let get started:) 

1.Describe your skincare routine in five words.
Cheap,Quick,Easy,Lazy Girl Routine 

2. What's your skin type?
Oily, Acne-prone skin.

3. What's your favorite skincare product?
I have two and I have mention them before in my two other skin care post which you can see in this  Skin Care Basic and Starting Off : Skin care to get a more in dept information on them .
But the products names are :

1) St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish and Blackhead control,
2) Clean and Clean Blackhead clearing cleanser oil-free 

4. Top blemish zapper?
Simple Benzoyl peroxide with alcohol or *water* if you have sensitive skin.(But be sure to ask your doctor for this as its a medical treatment so it can be harmful for some 'works for me' - but don't risk it )

5. Face wipes... Yay or nay?
Yah...Easy to remove any top layer makeup great for the lazy day:)
I use the Johnson and Johnson Baby wipes as they are very mild and effective and cheap :D 

6. Toner... Yay or nay
Yah !!! I love them, it does so many good thing for you- 
remove any dirt that is within the skin
Kills the bacteria that causes blackhead and blemish 
level the skin pH level

7. High end skincare or high end makeup?
High end.......this is soo hard ...let me think for a while the answer is......Makeup. This was hard so so so hard.

8. You're in a French pharmacy and can only buy one item, what would it be?
I am not at familiar with the french pharmacy but I have heard so many good thing Vichy and I would love to try Vichy Dermablend foundation or their concealer.

9. Top skincare tip?
Exfoliate : If you been reading my previous post you know I am a exfoliator addict .It just remove any of your dead skin that buildup causing blackhead and acne in general. So add exfoliation in your skin care routine and you will see the difference:) 

And that completes my skin care Tag Answer.
Hope you find these tips and product helpful

Now the ladies that will tag are :

Hannah from Hannah's Bubble
Nicola from Stylish But Skint 
Stephanie from Stephanie's Look

Hopefully they will do this tag and get their secrets out:) 

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