Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Starting Off -Makeup Brushes and Tools

HEY HEY HEY sweet buds how are your all doing today?

Although I am quite saddened about the fact that I was not able fully participate for the Starting Off Project as much as
I wanted to but nothing is stopping me today to do this post now I have the internet so nothing is
going to stop me now
(hopefully the light wont be a hassle to play around with to take photographs)

Let's get it cracking then....

Today we are talking Makeup Brushes and Tools

Starting Off-Makeup Brushes and Tool Cover Poster

 Any girl who wants to get in makeup and get started Makeup Brushes and tools are a must to have. 
You may say that its a necessity to get that effortless flawless face.

In the beginning of my blogging journey I wrote two post about the Makeup Brushes.
One was a Rant and then other

Makeup brushes are so hyped and then there are so many to choose from a person who is starting
with makeup can be a bit overwhelmed, I remember I was. Choosing the right brush was like a difficult task for me to do personally as different beauty gurus and bloggers recommend different brushes and then there are so many of them from different companies that my head was blown away.

Hopefully today you will not feel as overwhelmed as me and and will have a clear head.

So Lets start shall we ?

Makeup brushes

What are Makeup Brushes you ask well...its kind of explanatory but makeup brushes helps us to apply the gorgeous beauty/makeup product on our face.

 There is always a makeup brush for any makeup application and with many different types, eg
Foundation brush, Powder brush , Eye-shadow brush, Blending Brush, Contouring Brush ,Blush brush and much much more
the list goes on and on....

But today I would like to really emphasis on brushes you just cant pass for the beginner level , yes kind of like a starter kit with versatile brushes so that you
don't go crazy as I went through while choosing my basic everyday use makeup brushes.

Brush number 1 :Foundation Brush

The Basic brush for your basic face base....
This brush help us to apply our foundation to our face, giving us a flawless finish. 

The best foundation brush that I have tried and loved is the Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush.

Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush close up

Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush from the top

This brush is MAGIC for your skin if you ask me.

When I first witnessed that brush I knew it would be a great find to have to apply my foundation with. It was
not too expensive so when I got the chance to grab it I didnt wait any long. 

Mainly the packed short bristle really attracted me toward this brush. 

And today I am a proud owner of this brush.

The Sigma Round Top Kabuki Brush distribute the product(may it be liquid or powder) so so well without making it look cakey or heavy looking.
It give the most beautiful coverage and a well satisfied result.
May you like have sheer coverage or a full flawless face this brush is very versatile and does the job excellently.

In my opinion this is a must for a beginner to have for their foundation application as makes applying foundation easier then it really is. 

Second thing I like about this brush is that you can even use this for other product mainly cream consistency products such as contouring, highlighting. You can even apply blush with this brush but you have to be light handed, but as it has a beautiful blending capability it doesn't make thing hard .

Last but not the least thing thatI love about this brush is that its so so freaking soft and doesn't shed at all. Even after washing it I have never experience my brush bristle loosing up or coming out of the barrel.  

In a nut shell Sigma Round Top Kabuki brush is a good buy if you are looking for the ultimate good foundation brush.

Brush Number 2 :Face and Body Brush....or for me the powder/ blusher brush...

This Body Shop Face and Body Brush works great for many purposes and was my first purchase for my makeup brushes/tool .

Body Shop Face and Body Brush close up view

Body Shop Face and Body Brush side view

You can learn more about my experience from this Makeup Brushes post I did a while ago if you want to.


Now I love this brush....its so so so soft on the skin apply powder beautifully on the skin and oh here we go again it VERSATILE I also use it for my blush and for my contouring and blending my contour and it works great. 

Neat Neat Trick: 

For a very long time I couldn't get my Sigma Round Top Kabuki Brush so what I did with this brush was
that I took a tape and placed tightly around the brush barrel like the brush guard you want your sticky side of the tape outwards and wrap that tape over the brush barrel.

 Now when ever I wanted a precise application with this Powder Brush I just pushed the tape up around the hair to make the hair hold tight, making it look like a kabuki brush.

This way I was using 1 brush with many different angle.

So if you cant buy the Round Kabuki Brush by Sigma you may want to get this brush as it is versatile like it with the tape method.
Beware the tape method can get frustrating sometime as it not easy to get the hang off but try to make it as
long so that it doesn't slip from the barrel.

Brush number 3: Eye-shadow Blending Brush

With this Body Shop Eye-shadow Blending Brush you can basically apply your eye-shadow on your lids,do your crease work
and then blend your eye shadow with it too.....

Body Shop Eye-shadow Blending Brush close up

I know so many beauty blogger advice to get the eye shadow lid brush then the crease brush then the blending brush but in my thinking a beginner can just work out fine with using one brush for the eyes. I know I used
just one brush and trust me I have gone a long way with that one trusty brush.
Again it is as soft as a baby bum and give a beautiful flawless application and blend beautifully.

Brush number 4: Eyebrow brush 

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you know I am a sucker for well groomed brows. They are the one thing that make or break your look. So an eyebrow brush is a must for me and I highly recommend it to anyone out there. 

Cheap paint brush for eyebrow application

Cheap paint brush for eyebrow side view

Now you must be thinking that I am being super cheap
(and there is nothing wrong with being cheap I think)
 but this brush you see s no high end fancy shamcy eyebrow brush this is purely a flat skinny paint  brush that was not coming handy to me for my
art classes so I just took it out of my art bag and since then it is in my makeup brush collection and works amazing. 

Hence this is me telling you you don't need an high end brush eyebrow filling brush any good/soft drugstore brand brush with do too.

And the best part about this brush is that I even use this for my smoky eyeliner look and it looks perfect.

That is it you all.
Those are my recommendation/knowledge on the Makeup Brushes and Tools, I know they are not a whole bunch but in my opinion they are the most important one.

I really tried to keep this post as budget friendly post as I know as much brushes are a necessity to make a look but they can get a bit expensive which just break my heart :( 

Anyways hope you all enjoyed this post of mine for the Makeup Brushes and Tools and found the information useful.

Let me know what you thought about this post as I love hearing from you guys.

Till then take care sweetness.

See you all on Friday :) with a new post hopefully :) 

Love Amna.



Sunday, 27 October 2013

Where Have I Been?!?!? Update

The Starting Off Project and Blog your socks off September failed...:( ?
what happened?

Here is the Blogging/Life Update for you all.....

Where have I been Poster-Halloween style

Hey you guys how are you all doing ....?

If you have noticed I have been MIA for a bit over a month now, and this post will be explaining you where have I been basically .

So lets shall not wait and let the story begin:

While I was writing down my The Starting: Foundation post I was starting to suffer with high fever combining my dad too .

Later that same week while I was recovering from my fever sinus welcomed me & bam more sleepless night and aches for me .
.......Thank you.....

In this whole process of me and my dad being sick my family were slowly shifting to our new home which was very troubling as later few day my mom felt sick TOO, so it was me my dad recovering with our health while my mom was starting to suffer with high fever....

I tell you we were having a fever party...:@

After shifting I didn't have internet and just this past week we got our connection.

But what took us so long to get our connection? Let's flash back shall we -

Later that week after shifting my father was diagnosed with typhoid and was hospitalize and then after 1 week my mom had awful pain in her stomach and later found out she had stones in her gall bladder and they were stuck somewhere below and causing pain.
 I don't want to get into much detail and get in dept but all in all  she was hospitalize too....
So yes I kind of spent my previous month in a hospital.
I tell you It was nerve wreaking experience seeing 2 people I love the most in so much pain.

 Thanks to God they both are now on recovering side and we are kind of settling down.

Now all I am looking for is a place for the perfect light and come up with a nice schedule,
I am thinking 2 post in a week Tuesday and Friday what do you think? 

I will not be able to post regularly daily as I do have to take care of my mom and dad health for time being.

and oh...Fun thing to share from this horrendous experience: -I am learning on how to cook and  am loving it ..

Will surly post some recipes once I get a hang on them let me know if you all are interested in learning with me on how to cook.
This completes my story and my whereabouts .

I am truly sorry about this whole me vanishing in thin air.
Trust me I have missed blogging so so much that I could not wait any longer to come back on here and start writing once again.

Thank you for sticking with me through this month.

Sorry for not blogging everyday and also for The Starting Off project.

See you all very very soon my love buds...

Take care of yourself and remember I love you :)

Thank you for being here with me, your support means alot.

Thank you...

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