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Review: Prestige Cosmetics- Classic Kohl Eyeliner

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Today your truly ASQ present you an eyeliner review from the wonderful brand
Prestige Cosmetics.

I personally miss those days when I use just buy any makeup without even researching over it and then discovering it whether it would work or would my money go in the dump. hehe...Those were the truly charming days. Joke.

The Prestige ' Classic Kohl Eyeliner'- in Midnight

This eyeliner caught my eye while I was searching for a eyeliner ,the beautiful color got me so tempted that I just went for it and got it for myself and now we are here with a review for you all.

Sorry for the rubbed off/horrible packaging have had this for a pretty decent time now:)

I love the look of a strong black eyeliner unfortunately it just doesn't suit me or my eye shape :(.
For now I trying my very best to expand my horizon and try different types of application ,tricks and methods to see what suits me.
 I got this color as it's not as harsh like a black liner would be and its add a pop of color to any eye look.
At the time blue was the IN color so why not experiment with this pretty  midnight blue:).

What the product Claims:

Glides on smoothly. 
No tugging or pulling.
Easy one Stroke Application.

Let's start with the:

Pros :)

Opacity of this eyeliner is Amaze ball- true to its color.
The pencil glides on beautifully and doesn't tug or pull on the eyes.
The liner is very creamy & soft hence easy to apply and gives a smooth application.

FUNFACT : This product was so so creamy that it also melted in the hot weather poor baby.hehe 

Anyway the product does what it say and is very true to its claims, which I was truly happy about.

As this was my first eyeliner I was a little worried on how will the whole process will be like but seriously it was a breeze and no problem at all.
 Good 1st time application experience .

the Cons :(

Its smudges like crazy and has no staying power :( 

WHY Oh WHY....

You apply this eyeliner on and the first time you blink BAM it smears, smudges and gets everywhere -
 Even if you wait for it to stay put and don't blink it still doesn't stay put. 

I do have hooded /oily lid and that may be the case for it to cause the smudging
 but even when I prime my eyelids -
powder them down
it still moves which to be honest is quite annoying as it is a EYELINER so it should have some staying power but nope not with this one.

Which is such a shame as it such darn beautiful color.

I know you all must be saying that it might be also because I live in an extremely hot humid place-but still this is no excuse.
In my Opinion.
Am I being too harsh ? I don't know- but I am being honest :)

Secondly if you do manage to wear this throughout the day it collects in the inner corner of the eye. 
& Last time I remember- lighten glowing inner corner were IN not dark boogery inner corner :(


May vary on where you live ,I seriously don't remember how much I got this for its pretty old as you see from the packaging . :D.  

Final Verdict:

Beautiful color,
True Navy Midnight Blue,
 Lovely application.

The staying power just kills it all I really wish that this would have worked for me as it's so so easy to apply- but in the end if it would smudge then why even apply it.


This completes the review my friends. Hope you found this review helpful.

Tell me have you tried the Prestige- Classic Kohl Eyeliner? 
What were your experience?
Same like me or did it work out for you? If it did let me surely know :) 

I am off now. 

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DIY: From Broken Glass to a Make Up Brush Storage:)


A Broken Glass can never be fun ....Am i not right ? But a DIY is always Fun hehee
So let transform a broken sad glass into your own Make-up Brushes storage?

Easy to do Make Up Brush Holder 
from a Broken Glass that you were about to throw but not now....

Let's start then:) shall we?!?!

For this Project you will need:

Broken Glass In which you use to drink
Water :(

Broken Glass

PVA glue  &  Tissue Paper

PVA glue and Tissue

And Paint :

1.Ink:  In the red tone ,also in gold tone

2. Acrylic Paint: Red/Black

Let's start with the Process:

Apply thin coats of your PVA glue on to your glass in small section.

applying PVA glue to the glass

In small portion start applying tissue to the PVA glue in a messy /wrinkle way,this will add texture to your surface which we need. 

Apply tissue paper on to the glass

Get yourself a half a cup of water and add PVA glue in it and mix well .
After mixing apply the solution to your tissue to lay the excess to the surface and to seal in everything together so it doesn't rip off afterwards.

PVA glue and Water

PVA glue and water mixture applied to the tissue paper

To cover the sharp edges of your glass apply PVA glue in a heavy form to seal in any sharp point that might be dangerous .

The PVA will conceal the edges perfectly.

After the glass is covered wih tissue paper

Wait till the whole thing is dry.

 Now off with painting.....yeppie ...

For the base color I opted for the Ink in this reddish/pinkish tone.

Painting on to the Glass

After the glass is painted

After the ink dries  I started applying red acrylic paint to the glass to add more dimension to the piece.

Layering Red paint on to the glass

And for the final touches apply gold paint/ ink to the bumpy part of my glass to emphasis the  different dimension create with the tissue paper , you can do this step with your pretty finger my dear:)

Applying Gold paint to the red paint

So here is the finish result with the Red.

Finished Product

Finished Product

For my taste I like my things in black so i am going to change this in black  so if you are not liking  this style then please continue

Take out your black acrylic paint and paint the whole thing .

Painting the glass in black

Wait for the paint to dry and then with the gold color paint on to the bumps on the glass that we created with the tissue paper

Painting on the gold to add dimension

And here you have it my friends

Broken Glass to a Makeup Brush Storage Finished Product

Broken Glass to a Makeup Brush Storage Final Product photo

The thing I like about this style is that as the inside is red its adds color to the piece and then the outside adds glamour which i personally am a fan of.

 That is it for this DIY you all ,I really hope you all enjoyed this easy to do project and find it helpful
on how to re-use your Broken glasses into your own handmade Brush Storage

As always let me know what you think about this post and leave me suggestion :)
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This design was inspired by a Jelly Pops I search on Google while looking for inspiration for my 
Valentine Manicure
 and when I saw these “Jelly Pops" I just fell in love with them.

Ill try to search them again and put a link so that you can see them yourself and maybe try to make one too hehe if you like cooking why not .

It’s not exactly the same thing but I tried to capture the essence and make the nail look as jelly like as possible.

Do you think that it look like the Jelly Pop , let me know in the comments below :)

The best thing about this design is that the messier and curvier looking the better so it doesn't have to pin point perfect….as I am all about- doing easy to do nail art as possible which look pretty at the same time:)


Things you'll need for the nail art


Red polish

White polish

Silver polish

Clear Top coat

Scotch tape

A dotting tool or in my case the end of any paint brush

Nail polish remover +cotton swab


Get you tape ready and put a stripe starting on the cuticle to the one third/ leaving tiny space not too much.

tape the nail starting from cuticle to one third of nail

Get your red nail polish and paint on middle section of your with the red.

 paint red polish on mid section of the nail

paint red polish to the middle

Then get your white nail polish and paint the tip try to make it curvy and uneven-doesn't have to be perfectly straight the curvier the better
remove the tape on the top

add white polish to the tip of the nail

remove the tape

showcasing the nail art

Get your silver nail polish out and with the dotting tool –draw few dot on the top where you left the clean edge.

adding silver dot to the upper part of the nail

wait for everything dry

Let the polishes dry and finish off with the clear top to seal in the design.

Don’t worry if you have glob of nail polish going out of your nail you can easily clean the mess with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

clean up
the nail polish around cuticle removed

So NO panicking.

AND there you have it your Valentine Jelly Pops inspired Nail Art. READY…..



VALENTINE NAIL ART :♥JELLY POPS ♥ close up on the thumb
A Close up :)

Hope you all liked this nail design and try it out yourself and if you do try it out as always share it with me.
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PS. this is a old nail art post from 13-feb-2013 which could not be viewed by the bloglovin :( so I updated it a bit :)

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Starting Off : Skin care

Heyllo my beautiful butterflies ,

how are you all doing today ?

Today is the day the Week #1 for the Starting Off Project and we are going to talk about Skin care
 *woohoo whose excited I am very much.*

Since my childhood have I dealt with oily/acne prone skin - which you can learn about right here  if you want to.

But for today I am going to get in skincare products details and talk about products that I highly recommend and are the main crucial reasons for my healthy looking radiant skin.
Sounds good? let's start then...

**Gladly for me my experiment when I was getting in to skin care was not a hurdle and I didn't have to search desperately to find my skincare....and I found good beauty product on my budget.
If you can afford expensive high end brand for your skincare then I couldn't be more happier for you but for me its not practical and  I believe if something from the drugstore works  for you then it great.** 

Off to the the products now: 

Product Number 1 that I swear by : 

St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control

           For my skincare start up I first jumped on the exfoliation bandwagon . I was dealing with lots of blackhead around my chin, cheek and nose *embarrassed moment right here*; and when I researched on the web and got to know the reason for blackheads was oil build up and dead skin that made the
 pores clogged up = to blackhead = blemishes= sad face.

In a jiffy I opted for my 2 in 1 theory and skipped the cleanser totally and started using  St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control as my cleanser and exfoliator.

St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control and its description (from their official site )

how it is recommended to apply :

Moisten face with water. Dispense product onto fingertips and massage over face. Rinse with water. Avoid direct contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. For best result , use 4 to 4 time per week.

product claims:

Oil -free, 2 % salicylic acid, dermatologist tested, 100% natural exfoliants , 100 % natural extracts.

key ingredient:

apricot , corn kernel meal/ flour ground from dried corn , walnuts.

Price and Place (where to get it) :

The price may vary from places to places but you can find this from any super drug store or your local market or Boots.

To order online you may want to check at
for my Pakistan readers check this link out -: Just4girls  or
                                                                                      Just4girls ( its the same thing but in a jar and more product :D) 

How I to apply it: 

I moisten my face as recommended and took a small pea size amount of this on to my fingertips and put  dots around my face i.e- forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks and also on my neck,(if you need more don't hesitate add some more .) Then taking some water on my fingertips I massaged my face in circular motion.

 I use to repeat this step 2 times in the beginning days-to get rid of the dead skin cell as soon as I can and get a smooth silky skin .

 You want to do small and gentle circular motion- don't be rough you don't want irritate your skin and welcome premature wrinkles.

 If you have sensitive skin I would recommend to exfoliate once only.
But as I am sharing my experience I will honestly tell you what I did. 

Tip: Adding water to the St.Ives Apricot will actually make the product less harsh on your skin and it will be easier to apply.


 St.Ives Apricot Scrub come in a squeeze tube which very refreshing and cute to look at.

Pretty to the eyes with the two apricot on the top looks very tasty :D.

Tip: I would like to mention that when this product is finish and you can't get it out -

 get a scissor, an empty jar ;cut your St.Ives Apricot scrub tube from top and you will have 1 and 1/2 week of product hidden inside ;) as it gets stuck on the side of the tube as the product is a cream consistency. 
But you can't complain about this issue the price is impeccable for what the product offers.

So don't throw it and cut it up :) and scoop it out ;)

What does it looks like:

The color of this product is very light milky peachy/orangy which I like it's almost white but not.

The walnut- are the small brown/orangy tone colored beads that you will see in the product right right away as they are fairly medium in size which I appreciate in my scrubs.

What does it smells like:

A bit more on the medicated side - don't think it will smell like apricot cause it ain't gonna smell like one.


Now as the product claim it to have 'salicylic acid' - which made me get this product as I read many places that salicylic acid kills the blackheads so I wanted to experiment with it and it's price was so reasonable that I just couldn't pass it out -glad I didn't .
Now -I am a very firm believer that salicylic acid DOES kills the bacteria that causes blackhead and then making it that to a blemish....

After my first time applying

Impressed at the very first trial. 

My skin felt so smooth and it felt like it was breathing.
I witnessed my skin looking brighter and clearer and *hell* even my mother and father commented on my skin whether if I was doing something special to it , which yes I was but I didn't tell them so that makes it clear that I was not the only one thinking that my skin looks better .

It removed all of my dead skin cells and made my pores breath-

just imagine them breathing they really love it  I can tell you that :)

Another goodness is that your makeup will adhere to your skin , apply smoothly and your skin won't look or feel flaky.

The products you apply after the exfoliation will soaks in your skin 10 times better, toner will extract all your dirt easily.

Conclusion is that St.Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control is the king of the exfoliation world and I would recommend for everyone reading this trying it out for yourself you can thank me later ;D 

Product or Kitchen Ingredient -that I swear by number 2:

This one is going to be short I promise :)

Besan and Haldi mixture - have you heard about these two? Nope? Oh well then what am I here for...Listen up then:)

Besan = Gram Flour/ Chickpeas Powder 

Haldi = Turmeric Powder

and both of these two mixed creates a magic face wash/cleanser  for your skin-cheap and effective :)

Gram Flour/Besan and Turmeric Powder/Haldi plays a very good role to remove all your skin impurities and keep your unnecessary oils at bay.

Besan/ Gram flour  has properties to remove any impurities and keep skin dry but not overly dry and get your skin the healthy brighter looking - which who doesn't like.

Haldi/Turmeric powder makes the skin clearer ,reduce acne spots and if you have any irritation or some scar scab it can cure it too as it has healing properties.

As you have seen before how much of a 2 in 1 theory and exfoliator fan I am both of these kitchen ingredient they make a great exfoliator and a cleanser and are super duper affordable.

If you have dry skin you can also use this DIY home remedy; all you need to do is add in few drop of olive oil in the mixture and apply as usual-
 the oily skin girly can do this too, don't be scared of olive oil its a great product for skin.You skin will love you for it and you will see the difference in just weeks.
Try it ! You won't regret it.

 Usually brides in my hometown apply the Turmeric powder at the time before their wedding so they can have a glow on their wedding day. But you have to be careful with the turmeric powder as it can stain your face if you too much in quantity or (clothes- keep it away from clothes)  - as I mentioned before you just need a tiny bit of it, like a pinch of salt.

How to apply it ?

I use this mixture in two different way I am going to tell you both :)

Application #1-

 1 Table spoon of Gram flour

Pinch of Turmeric Powder
Few drops of water
Apply all over the face let it sit on the face for few minutes - after few minutes starting massaging your skin in circular motion- removing all the dead skin and dirt - wash it off with lukewarm water, apply moisturizer.
Continue with your routine may that be putting on makeup or going to bed preparation:)

Application #2

1 Table spoon of Gram flour

Pinch of Turmeric Powder
3 drops of olive oil
Few drops of water
Apply all over your skin and let it sit for about 15 to 30 mins till its hard as a rock- you will not be able to move you face at this point-
and don't smile you don't want premature wrinkle while treating your skin.
After that splash some lukewarm water on to your skin and start massaging your skin in circular motion, be gentle no need to hurry think of it as a Spa day :)
You will feel the gritty texture of the mixture exfoliating your skin really well and the olive oil will moisturize your skin leaving it healthy and radiant looking .

Application one is on the go kind of a treatment which you can do everyday before taking a shower and

 Application two is more of a spa treatment when you want you skin to relax and have a luxurious time.

For dry skin ladies you can take the application 2 recipe and apply it for few mins that would work fine too.

No Worries it would work:)

Place you can get this spice/product :

Anywhere where you get your home grocery and spices from....:D


Last but not the least

Product number 3 

Clean and Clear blackhead clearing cleanser oil-free-Astringent.

After the exfoliator I am a die heart fan of toner specially for the Clean and Clear blackhead clearing cleanser oil-free. 

This astringent is the boss of the boss to kill any bacteria that remain on to the skin.

After I am done with my exfoliation and facial cleansing I get myself round cotton pad and poured this product on the cotton pad and  wipe my face with it.

As as our pores are open from the exfoliation , toner can extraction any bacteria /dirt that remain on your skin and get deep within the skin killing the bacteria that penetrate deep inside.
This product also contain salicylic acid which is the main ingredient for this product to work.

I cant talk more highly about this product its cheap but effective as well-

Tip: It may also burn your skin just a tiny bit -what you can do is that apply this for few minutes and then wash you face with cold water- it won't burn anymore and when you continue to use the product you skin will adjust to it :)

Place you can get this product :

The price may vary from places to places but you can find this from any super drug store or your local market or Boots.

I haven't seen this on an online store so I cant recommend anything- sorry about that

And that is about it everybody.

I know this post was pretty much the lengthiest thing I have ever written but I wanted it be as much information filled for you guys and share my skincare loves with you all.

I hope you all enjoyed this post from me
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The Start Off Project Introduction #theSOproject

Just few days ago I saw Beth my fellow blogger tweeting about #theSOproject and she was so excited about this project and got me thinking and eager as to what was this SOproject all about . Through her I came to know the very lovely Stephanie -her blog 'Steph's Inside Voice' and her very clever idea of the 'Start Off Project.' 

The basic aim of this project is to reach out to younger teens and/or to those who are deciding to start and go to route of make up and explore the beauty in this beauty industry hehehe  . & We all beauty blogger will be giving them advice and helping them along the way with their beauty adventure and sharing our experiences- good or bad/funny ,all kind of matter and our tips and trick along the way. 

This project would last for 10 weeks- each week we will discuss a specific area i.e skincare,concealer,foundation, blush and etc ....and each of us blogger involved would post our blog post right together at 6 pm (UK time)

Now I am newbie at the makeup but I have tried some amount of makeup and what not  to take part in this project and spice my blog up and share my experience.

The good thing about this project is that if you are not into one category you can skip that week and no pressure will be on you.....

So are you interested in this project ?

Then contact Steph through her twitter or email her at before 25th of August 2013 and get yourself in this amazing project.

Comment down below if you are participating in this project so that I and my fellow follower could follow you up and all that jazz....

Till then see you very very soon with something new to share with you all :)

Love you all to pieces ...

Thank you :) for supporting wonderland

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Review: Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee

Heyllo you guys
how are you doing today my darling? Hope fab:)

Today I am here to review  the Garnier Color Natural in 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee.

Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee box picture

 I got the Review: Garnier Color Natural hair dye a while ago to change my look up for the summer and while I was about to try this product out I thought to myself it would be great to share my thoughts  on this permanent hair dye with you guys , so if you are interested in changing your look and are thinking to the Garnier color natural then keep on reading. 

For the dark heads girls it's pretty hard to get hair dyed or at least I think and personally getting my head  professionally done and letting the lady stripe out my natural color and do all the thing hair salon people do just scare me so for me the safe way was to go for  the box dye and Garnier Color Natural dye was my pick, i know i know many people say it's not good for your head but its not scary sound wise .

Although I have heard crazy hair disaster stories about the box dye, I was still brave enough to experiment anyway or desperate you may say -I seriously needed to change up my look and if you follow me on twitter  will you know how much I wanted to chop  my hair short short but to banish that thought- dying my hair was my route and on plus side I get the chance to review this for you all and if I had a bad experience you all get to know and be a little careful.

For the summertime I wanted to go for something similar to my natural hair color but lighter so I went for the Garnier Color Natural in the Color 5 1/2 -creamy coffee.

 Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee closeup

I should mention it was just the perfect color for my liking and what I was looking for and the Garnier team member chose a pretty good name,I just have to say.

I have pretty long hair but for me one box was just about right. My mother helped me to apply this so I would not end up with patchy hair color and get  a even coverage as much as possible. 

If you have thick hair you would want to get two packs of these to make sure to get your whole head covered. I have medium hair to slight thin hair so one box was good enough.

Also personally I don't like my whole head in just one solid color and like my own hair color to peek through so I get dimension to the hair but you can see in the pictures below a pretty good coverage and outcome. My hair definitely looks lighter and very accurate to what the box tell the color would come out like, which I am pleasantly surprise about .

The good thing about the Garnier Color Natural hair dye was that it didn't  leave my hair dry or brittle or rough, and my hair felt quite smooth and softer looking afterwards. Also if you get this on your skin and remove it after the very minute it won't stain your skin so that is also a plus point.

Things you are provided in the box are:

1 applicator bottle of Developer Milk, 

1 tube of Nourishing Color Cream ,

1 sachet of Nourishing After Color Conditioner,

1 pair of gloves, -Use that things do get messy 

1 instruction leaflet- read this it important so that you know what and how to do it and don't get confused .

I left the the hair dye for about 45 minutes just to make sure, but you go with what you feel is right for your hair type and read the leaflet they do advice how much time you need to let the dye take affects . I first rinse my head with water gave a nice massage as said on the leaflet for few mins/seconds washed off the dye and then applied the conditioner , you are not suppose to wash you hair with the shampoo so I didn't . The conditioner actually makes your hair softer and silky feeling which who doesn't love.

Now for the before and after I tried to take as many snapshot at every different angel- I could with my camera in the natural daylight so you all can have a good look on my new hair and old hair so that you can see for yourself the difference and all that jazz.


Before hair picture

Before Hair picture

Before hair picture


close up
The box result picture so you can compare easily :)

In Daylight

After- result-closeup

Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee-result picture

 Garnier Color Natural - 5 1/2 Creamy Coffee in sunlight -Result
In the Sunlight 

All in all I would surely pick the Garnier Hair Color Natural when I am in the need to change my hair-do again.

Thank God it was a good experience or else it would have not been good look .. :-D.

So this time Question of the Post will be that have you tried Garnier Dyes or anything from Garnier  line before? how was your experience?
Share it with me and my readers in the comment below I would love to know your opinion 
do you like my new hair color? or do you like my natural locks:) 

Talk to me....till then I will be seeing you pretties very very soon.
And if you have question that I was not able to answer ask me up I would love to help:) 

Lots of kisses 

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