Sunday, 2 August 2015

Beauty | Experiment : Castor Oil for Long Eyelashes???

Hi everyone, how are you doing ?

This post has been written many many days ago ..... it just now I found it and now I am sitting editing it and  posting it :p lazy me....

3 weeks ago I saw many girl wondered on if "castor" really work and help to grow out your eyelashes.

I am a firm believer that castor oil in fact does work and grow hair out and I thought to put it to a test and record my journey to see the difference castor oil actually makes.

My main aim was to actually see the result in pictures whether if castor oil really work or is it just my mind playing games with me .

Here are my lashes before use of castor oil, in this picture I did started using castor oil 4 to 5 days ago (Started recording my lashes after seeing so many girls being curious if the castor oil works or not so.....)

Below I have put up the picture together so that you can see the difference for yourself.






To begin with I am blessed with decent lashes but what castor oil do is that it  help them stay healthy, moisturized and result them growing more healthy and fuller looking.

It does make the eyelashes grow longer as you can clearly notice - my bottom eyelashes look quite fuller and longer than before.

I would totally recommended castor oil for hair growth process may that be eyelashes, eyebrows or hair on the head.

Any hair you want to grow slap that castor oil on it and you'll see result.

The result you see above was in 1 week and a half.

I hope you found this post helpful, informative and entertaining :)

Have you ever applied castor oil for hair growth or for any other purpose ?

Let me know your in the comments below I love chatting with you.

See you in my next post.

Till then

Bye :)
Lots of Amna.

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

UPDATE : Where is ASQgenerates

Heyyy guys,

I know really really long time.....

Dont really know where to start but here i go -  

In my previous "what happened to ASQgenerates" post I mentioned that my father was sick . 

1 year and 3 months ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. 

I never mentioned this in my post as I wanted to keep this in private .

My father was a brave and strong human being and he never let his sickness get his way to living the way he wanted to live.

He kept being active till his body allowed him and he kept being strong till his last days.

In March, after battling my father pain was gone and he is now in a peaceful place.


Now where I stand with my life ? 

When I started writing my blog at first I wanted to SHARE my thoughts on beauty products, hair, nails and fashion.

And when I stopped writing in the previous months it was because I didn't feel connected to these subjects. And I didnt just wanted to write for the sake of writing and getting entries done- if you understand what I mean.

Now with school and homework and new /fast phase in life it difficult for me to write the old kind of post.

To be honest Beauty, Hair and Makeup is not the cup of tea I want to drink or make right now.

My studies i.e Fashion Designing and My Collection is my main focus in life right now.

And I want to share that with you all .

I want to share my journey with you all.... My whole nine yard progress.
want to share.

I will try to put my best effort to post beauty/ fashion post here and there... but every post won't be a beauty/hair post. 

I am sorry if this is a let down to you .... 
But it's just the thing my heart want to do....
Hope you all understand and support me in my life right now.

I love you all very very much.

Thank you 

Take care 




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